Grouting is a ready-use concrete product by adding water into it for the use of filling the joints of Ceramic, Tile,...


Grouting is a ready-use concrete product by adding water into it for the use of filling the joints of Ceramic, Tile, Marble & Mosaic Stones on smooth and coarse surfaces, it is also used on concrete surfaces, different bricks, and all kinds of cement walls and floors. NEFKO grout is suitable for internal and external purposes.


All colours are available.
Technical Specifications
Filling Material Calcium carbonate granules not more than 0.750 mm diameter
Connective Material Portland Cement of a special kind
Additives Materials to improve the consistency, adhesion and water proofing.
Density Powder bag of 1.0 Kg/L 1.8 Kg/L mixed with water.
Addition of water From 6-8 Liter /bag, 20 Kg. i.e. 35-40%
Width of intervals From 2-4 for walls and from 3-7 for floors
Coverage 0.3Kg/m2 for walls and 0.5 Kg/m2 for floors.
Packing Paper bags of 10 Kg. and 20 Kg.
Storage 12 months in proper conditions of storage.
Instruction of use
  • The process of grouting shall be made after tiles or ceramic being installed of 2-3 days.
  • Intervals between tiles and amount of grouting shall be checked so as glue within intervals shall not exceed two thirds of the tile height.
  • Cleaning and removing dusts strange substances between intervals shall be made.
  • Non-glossy tiles to be moisten so it will be easy to clean after grouting.
  • Grouting is prepared by adding amount of water as set out in the above table with controlling consistency per the space interval, and then we leave the mix to interact for 15 minutes.
  • Grouting to be spread in a slashing manner on intervals suing a piece of rubber coated with sponge designed for this purpose and making sure that all intervals filled with grouting and donít contain any spaces.
  • Grouting will dry from 10-30 minutes, then we remove appendages and cleaned tiles with the same tools, then we wash tiles using a piece of textile.
  • In hot areas the grouting may be sprayed with water slightly after 6 hours of application avoiding crazing.

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