NEFKO CERAMIC Tile adhesive

Tile Ceramic Glue is a ready to use concrete product by adding water, which is used to paste ceramic & tiles...


Tile & Ceramic Glue is a ready to use concrete product by adding water, which is used to paste ceramic & tiles on smooth and coarse surfaces.It is also used on concrete surfaces, brick and all kinds of different cement walls and floors.

  • High Adhesion.
  • Water Resistance
  • Slip Resistance
Technical Specifications
Filling Material Crushed Limestone of not more than 1.0 mm diameter
Connective Material Portland Cement of a special kind
Additives Materials to improve the consistency, adhesion and application
Density 1.25 kg / liter as dry product
1.45 kg / liter when mixed
Addition of water From 7-9 Liter /bag, 20 Kg, i.e. 40%
Thickness of Layer According to the type of surface and ceramic from 3mm to 10mm.
Coverage 1.5 Kg. /m2 for walls & 2.5 Kg. /m2 for floors.
Open Time 10-15m according to temperature and humidity.
Packing Delivered as dry in bags of 20 Kg. each.
Storage 12 months in dry place away of humidity.
Instructions of Use
  • To prepare the surface by cleaning, removing grease, oil, dust and dirties with moistening.
  • Glue to be prepared by addition 7-9 Liters of water per 20 Kg. bag with well-mixing for 2-3 minutes, then leave the paste for 15 minutes before use to interact with materials together for best quality.
  • The paste to be spread by trowel serrate special for tiles and ceramic glue with thickness form 3-10 mm based on the type and coarse of surface, i.e. walls thickness is 3-5 mm, floors from 5-10 mm, then the position of ceramic to be adjusted and practice pressure gently to take its place, stuffing intervals between tiles or ceramic to be taken into account, provided that the height of paste of intervals no more than half of ceramic thickness. Ceramic unit may be adjusted within 15 minutes.

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