Ready mix interior and exterior putty to be used under paints and coatings.

Ready mix interior and exterior putty to be used under paints and coatings.
Technical Specifications
Filling Material Calcium carbonate granules not more than 0.45 mm diameter
Connective Material Portland Cement of a special kind
Additives Materials to improve the consistency, adhesion and application
Density 1.1 kg / liter as dry product
1.6 kg / liter when mixed with water
Addition of water From 9 Liter /bag, 25 Kg, i.e. 35-40%
Thickness of Layer From 0.55 mm to 2 mm for each layer.
Coverage 0.60 to 1 Kg/m2
Packing Delivered as dry in bags of 25 Kg. each.
Storage 12 months in dry place away of humidity.

Instructions of Use
  • Surfaces to be painted shall be clean, free of grease, oil, dust and strange substances.
  • Orbital Putty to be prepared by mixing with clean water on the rate of 9 Liter of water for each bag of Orbital Putty 25 kg with flipping from 10m to 15m to get the desired consistency. The Putty shall be used within two hours having got it ready.
  • To apply from one to three layers of Putty per the shape and regulatory of the wall desired to be painted using by trowel serrate with the necessary emery for smoothing the surface.
  • Hands and the used tools shall be washed by clean water after finishing application.
  • In high hot and dry atmospheres, the Putty applied to walls shall be strengthened by spraying clean water after application of 12 hours for the first two days, when the surface is completely dry; it will be ready for paintings.

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