Its a mixture of special substances to be added in cement mixtures such as ready-concrete...


It is a mixture of special substances to be added in cement mixtures such as ready-concrete, cement and different finishing materials.

  • Strengthening the surfaces and improving their resistance for shocking and friction.
  • Increases the elasticity and tensile strength of surfaces.
  • Increases the strength of adhesion of cement and concrete floors.
  • Saves time, effort and labor costs.
  • Prevents crazing and breaking of the cement concrete and it gives a beautiful appearance.
  • Improves hydration hardening and prevents shrinking of cement and concrete.
Technical Specifications
Connective Material Modified Polymers
Density 1.04 kg / liter
Solid contents 4.5% - 4.6%
Do not contain organic solvents
Use with Cement Mixture’s
Not to be used at the temperature of less than 7?C
Period of storage 12 months in a dry place and away from Sunshine
Instruction of use
  • It can be used as mixture addition to concrete or to the cement, bond to be mitigated proportionate by 7 parts of pure water against 1 part of bond i.e. (7:1), then it is added to the concrete mixture with well-flipping for 2-3 minutes subject to the proper mitigation process, as the non-mitigation will result dense concrete or cement and thick texture hard to apply.
  • To be used as connective substance for treating surfaces by adding 3 parts of water against one part of bond, best results may be obtained by using the manual spraying machine by 15m2 /L, it also may be applied by brush or roll on all kinds of concrete and cement surfaces.
  • The cement must be used to which the bond is added before drying, as it is difficult to apply after that.
  • It is used as concrete addition by mitigation (7:1) to improve texture, adhesive and hardening.
  • It is used as a connective material by mitigation (1:3) to strength surfaces, prevents crazing, increasing resistance and gives it a regular appearance.
  • Available in bags of 20 L and containers of 200 L, upon request.

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