ORBITAL PUTTY for wood & wall (Gel form)

Orbital putty is made of vinyl lacerate Co-polymer emulsion, especially selected powders fillers and additives..


Orbital Putty is made of vinyl acrylate Co-polymer emulsion, especially selected powders fillers and additives .Complies with Gulf standards.

Direction for use

The wall surface must be clean and free from dust, oils….. Etc. ORBITAL PUTTY is applied by spatula .Only one layer is sufficient for application over a smooth surface. For a rough surface, more layers may be required. Each layer must be dried and sanded down with sand paper before Applying next layer. Clean tools directly after use with water.

Fields of use

Ready to use wall putty for smoothing cement or lime based plasters, also concrete walls prior to application of all types of paints, wallpaper /or whenever a super smooth surface is required .Orbital Putty can also be used for filling small holes and fissures with-out producing any cracks.

  • Ready to use and easy to apply with its enhanced properties to give a smooth finish to wall.
  • It can be easily sanded to give the perfect finish required for high quality jobs.
  • Can be used as an under layer for all types of paints and wallpapers.
  • Orbital Putty is suitable for exterior application.
  • Economic and high coverage power.
Technical Data
Colour White
Density 1.8±0.05kg/1
Viscosity 130±10poise
PH 8±0.5
Rate of use 0.25 – 0.50kg/m2
Depending on surface roughness.
Safety Precaution
  • Water gloves and goggles.
  • Skin and face contamination should be washed with plenty of water.
  • Accidental splashes to eyes must be rinsed with clean water and then report to a specialist.
  • Do not eat and smoke during use.
  • 12 months under suitable storage conditions.
  • 1Kg Cartoon 3 Kg Cartoon and 20Kg Drum.
  • Ready to Use Wall putty for exterior applications.

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